Technology Assessment Quiz

Technology Use Assessment Quiz

While technology addiction may not have an exact medical definition, it is worth taking a closer look to see if there might be a problem.

  1. Has your use increased over time?
  2. When you stop, do you experience psychological withdrawal?
  3. Do you have difficulty controlling your use?
  4. Do you experience negative consequences in mood, self-esteem, health, job or family relationships?
  5. Do you procrastinate or neglect other responsibilities and relationships?
  6. Do spend time and energy using, hiding, or planning your use? Do you think about Internet gaming or television viewing when you are not able to do so?
  7. Do you wish you wouldn’t spend so much time online or be free from it?

“Obviously, not all uses of the computer for entertainment are unhealthy or problematic, but like most things, if use is excessive and individuals would answer "yes" to most of the questions in the quiz, they certainly would have to wonder if they were overly dependent on technology or using it to escape or avoid other responsibilities,” said Dr. Edward Buda.

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