The stress of keeping up

The stress of keeping up

Technology is always changing, which demands that those who use technology learn how to keep up with technological advances.

Thirty years ago, a bag phone was considered cutting-edge technology – today we have phones that take pictures, connect us to the Internet, act as cookbooks, topographical maps, GPS locators, money managers, and musical composition tools just to name a few. This media convergence will continue to advance … and technology users will be expected to know how to use it.

Many parents find themselves trying, not only to stay current with technology, but also know enough about technology to make sure their children are safe. With computers in their classrooms and cell phones in their pockets, today’s kids are extremely comfortable with technology, which may leave some parents feeling intimidated.

Teachers are also finding it hard to compete with technology in today’s classroom. Aside from the challenges of students texting during class, teachers are under increasing pressure to entertain students while teaching. The constant stimulation of graphics, sound and electronic interaction causes some students to find traditional classroom lecture and discussion boring and less than engaging.

The key to surviving the ever-morphing world of technology is to make technology your servant … and not your master.

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