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Making healthy choices on the go

With all the hustle and bustle of school and work, many of us find ourselves standing hungrily in front of vending machines looking at selections of chips, candy, crackers and maybe a granola bar or two.

According to Deborah Tang, MS, RD, CD, associate lecturer – dietetics, School of Health Promotion & Human Development at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point and supporter of the Community Weight Race, there is a new tool to help us make wise choices when our only option is the vending machine. The Community Weight Race is an annual event which helps people achieve healthy lifestyle routines through group efforts and weekly health-related presentations.

There is a movement from the Nutritional Environment Measurement Survey (NEMS) to rate vending machine food based on nutritional guidelines of the Institute of Medicine and the Dietary Guidelines of America.

“According to the system, vending machines that have been assessed will display an easy way to make wise food choices through a green, yellow and red color-coded report card,” said Tang.

“This assessment gives people an easy way to identify healthy foods.”

Criteria for coding foods

Green (Healthiest) – To be rated green, the food choice must provide at least one serving of fruit, vegetable, and / or whole grains or non-fat / low-fat dairy products, have less than 200 calories per portion, no more than 35 percent of calories from fat, less than 10 percent of calories from saturated fat, have zero trans fat, 400 mg or less of sodium and less than 35 percent of calories from total sugars per portion. The exception is yogurt which can have up to 30 grams of sugar.

Yellow (Healthy) – Foods rated yellow do not provide at least one serving of fruit, vegetable, and / or whole grains or non-fat / low-fat dairy products, but do meet the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. They also must meet all the other guidelines for the green foods listed above.

Red (Not as Healthy) – Foods that are rated red are high in calories, fat, sugar and/or sodium content. They should only be eaten once in a while and only in small portions.

Deborah Tang is one of the lecturers providing information on healthier lifestyles in conjunction with the Community Weight Race in Stevens Point. The Community Weight Race is jointly sponsored by the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point and Ministry Health Care.

There’s a new type of doctor in town

In recent years, you may have noticed a change when you stay in the hospital. You may not see your doctor as much, but there is another one who routinely checks on you.

This physician is a hospitalist

Before you are admitted to the hospital, the hospitalist, an internal medicine physician who will be overseeing your care while you are hospitalized, is briefed about you and your condition. This information, combined with your health records, gives the hospitalist the foundation for your care.

Why do I need a hospitalist?

Your primary care provider has a full schedule and isn’t always immediately available to answer your questions or discuss your treatment when you are in the hospital.

Since a hospitalist does not see patients outside the hospital, he or she is always available when you need care. The hospitalist will see you as often as needed.

Hospitalists can often answer your questions in person and make quicker decisions as situations arise. They can consult with specialists in the hospital, modify treatment or follow up on test results promptly. This availability speeds your recovery, resulting in shorter hospital stays and lower costs.

During your stay in the hospital, your hospitalist will be in close communication with your primary care physician to talk about your treatment options. Under the care of a hospitalist, you can be discharged as soon as you are ready, even if it is in the evening. There’s no need to wait for your doctor visit the next day.

After your discharge, your hospitalist will discuss your follow-up treatment plan, help schedule follow-up appointments, prescribe medication, and send the information to your doctor’s office.

Hospitalists help improve your care when you are out of the hospital. When providers know that their hospitalized patients are cared for by other physicians, providers are able to dedicate their full attention without interruption to the patients in their offices.

Your hospitalist is an important part of your health care team.

Ministry hospitals receive medical records certification

On October 17, 2011 Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital in Weston and Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Marshfield received confirmation that their electronic medical record systems have received Meaningful Use certification. This makes Ministry one of only 17 hospital systems in the country to receive full certification for their hospital electronic medical record systems.

Hospitals and clinics nationwide are working to meet meaningful use criteria with many using vendor products that obtain certification. Ministry Health Care pursued self-certification for Ministry Saint Clare’s and Ministry Saint Joseph’s to verify that its set of tools could collectively meet all of the requirements.

“While many or even most hospitals will wait for their vendors to provide certified products for them to install, it does seem surprising that so few of the over 5,000 hospitals in the United States have not gone through the self certification process,” said Steve Pelton, Vice President of Enterprise Applications at Ministry Health Care.

Meaningful Use grew out of the HITECH provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), a national initiative to improve patient care quality, safety and coordination while keeping the patient record secure. The meaningful use rule established a number of stringent certification criteria that hospitals and software vendors must meet to prove their electronic medical record systems have all the necessary functions and capabilities.

“We understand that certification was a necessary step, but most importantly meeting this criteria has helped us make sure our electronic health record supports us in providing the best, most coordinated care to our patients,” said Colleen Hoerneman, Vice President of Patient Care Services at Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital.

Next, the hospitals need to show they use their certified electronic medical record technology in a meaningful way. After demonstrating compliance for a 90-day reporting period, Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital and Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital will be able to attest that they have met all necessary requirements.

For a list of certified hospitals and clinics, visit the Certified HIT Product List (CHPL) at: CHPL Website

Ministry Health Care welcomes its newest hospitalists to central Wisconsin

Mohammad O. Almoujahed, MD, MS
Mohammad O. Almoujahed, MD, MS
Aamond Soman, MD
Aamond Soman, MD
Navid Majid, MD
Navid Majid, MD
Rafiullah, MD
Rafiullah, MD
Ana Holliday, PA-C, MPAS
Ana Holliday, PA-C, MPAS

Mohammad O. Almoujahed, MD, MS, joined Ministry Saint Michael’s Hospital in Stevens Point as a hospitalist.

Dr. Almoujahed, an internal medicine physician, received his fellowship in the study of infectious diseases.

Dr. Almoujahed is also a member of the Infectious Diseases of America (IDSA), the HIV Medicine Association of IDSA and the IDSA Emerging Infectious Diseases Network (EIN).

Aamond Soman, MD, joined Dr. Almoujahed as a hospitalist to provide services at Ministry Saint Michael’s Hospital.

Dr. Soman completed his medical education and internal medicine training at Grant Medical College and Sir JJ Hospital in Mumbai, India, and his residency training at New York Medical College-Metropolitan Hospital Center. For more information, call 715.346.5000.

Navid Majid, MD, and Rafiullah, MD, recently joined the Hospitalist Departments of Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital in Weston and Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center in Merrill.

Dr. Majid earned his medical degree from Dow Medical College, Karachi, Pakistan, and completed his internal medicine residency at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Bronx Program in New York.

Dr. Rafiullah also completed his internal medicine residency at Mount Sinai School of Medicine after earning his medical degree at Khyber Medical College, Peshawar, Pakistan.

Physician Assistant Ana Holliday, PA-C, MPAS, also recently joined the Hospitalist Department at Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital. 

Holliday earned her Bachelor’s of Physician Assistant from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine in Madison and her Master’s of Physician Assistant from the University of Nebraska, Omaha. She brings nearly 5 years of experience in inpatient care for pulmonary and critical care patients to her role at Ministry Saint Clare’s. She is a member of the Wisconsin Academy of Physician Assistants and American Academy of Physician Assistants.

For more information on the hospitalists serving at Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital, call 715.393.3000. For more information on the hospitalist serving at Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center, call 715.536.5511.

It’s your health. It’s your community.

Ministry Community Weight Race,

Learn the best ways to get and stay healthy – with diet, exercise and motivational tips. Presentations are free of charge and open to the public.*

Location: University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point campus, DUC Building in the Alumni Room; 1015 Reserve Street, Stevens Point.

Doors open Mondays at 5 p.m.

Presentation from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.

  • February 20 A Matter of Convenience: Making healthy choices on the go
  • February 27 Getting Back and Staying on Track: I’m not losing; what do I do? I’m doing OK; how can I lose more?
  • March 5 Taking a Break: Stress effects on weight
  • March 12 Move it to Lose it: Making good use of your time
  • March 19 Calories Count when Eating Out: Fast food dining Note location change: Oak Room, 2501 Main Street, Stevens Point
  • March 26 Define Healthy: Skinny and healthy are not the same
  • April 2 The World Around Me: Our culture affects our changes
  • April 9 Healthy Forever: CWR is over, now what?

* Note: only teams previously registered in the weight race are eligible for prizes.

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