Real men DO need health care

Real men DO need health care

It is no secret that in our culture men die earlier than women for all of the leading causes of death. Many diseases can be prevented or treated when symptoms are caught early.

Yet, many men don’t seek health care.

They say, “Exams take too much time.” “It’s expensive.” “I feel fine.”

“One of the biggest obstacles to improving the health of men is men themselves. They don’t make their health a priority,” says American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) President Rick Kellerman, MD. “Many men are unaware that simple screening tests and lifestyle changes can dramatically improve their quality of life.”

According to a Harris Interactive Survey conducted for the AAFP, it mattered little if men have insurance or are comfortable with their health care provider; 58 percent still don’t go. Here are some of the reasons:

  • 36% only go if they are very sick
  • 23% say they are healthy
  • 12% use natural remedies
  • 12% don’t have time
  • 11% don’t have health insurance
  • 8% don’t like health care providers
  • 7% fear something will be found
  • 4% don’t know a good health care provider

Also, 39% of men said there were no obstacles to them seeking medical care.

Men don’t realize that feeling good doesn’t mean healthy. Seventy-nine percent said they felt they were in good, very good and even excellent health. Yet, the survey showed that:

  • 28% had high blood pressure
  • 13% had arthritis
  • 10% had diabetes
  • 8% had cancer
  • 8% had heart disease

Often, the best thing a man can do to provide for his family is to take care of his health with routine care.

Life expectancy for women is 79 years; while for men, it is only 72.

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