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Integrative medicine taking root
Orthopedist travels to Kenya to serve
Ministry physicians reach out to community
Ministry makes a healthy impact on the Algoma community

Integrative medicine taking root


Patients at Ministry Door County Medical Center have many choices when it comes to their healthcare, including Integrative Medicine. Chona Antonio, MD, a family practitioner and integrative medicine specialist, provides care that fuses practices such as acupuncture, energy work, and mind-body medicine with conventional methods of treatment.

"Integrative medicine is evidence-based," said Dr. Antonio, "and its outcomes are measured with the same tools as conventional medicine." She said that many patients find the integrative approach to be more congruent with their beliefs about health. "It emphasizes the patient’s role in health – truly, it empowers the patient to take an active role in her own health," she added.

Dr. Antonio, who is board certified as an MD, traveled to China to receive training in acupuncture, an ancient and proven approach to stimulating anatomical points of the body for health. She also guides patients towards alternative techniques of healing including massage therapy and mind-body work such as meditation.

Dr. Antonio leads an eight-week workshop on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction with certified facilitator Barbara Wulf. During the last workshop, more than 20 local residents participated in the class, which taught skills in meditation and mindful movement. The program was a great success, "Participants learned to make new choices in how they communicate, how they work with pain and stress, and how to move toward greater balance and enthusiasm for life," said Wulf.

"The mind-body-spirit connection is critical to our health," said Dr. Antonio. "Our wellness depends on it; this connection is fostered within the self and within the community." This was evident at a recent Integrative Wellness conference presented by Ministry. More than 130 people participated in the half-day gathering, which featured speakers and hands-on activities to introduce community members to the benefits of integrative medicine. The crowd cheered when Ministry Door County’s CEO Gerald Worrick said "Ministry is leading the community by embracing integrative medicine as an option for patients."

"I'm hopeful that this will be the start of something bigger ahead," said Brussels resident Jan Schmitz, who was happy to see Ministry taking steps to offer integrative medicine to patients.


Orthopedist travels to Kenya to serve

Steve Davis, MD , an orthopedic surgeon at Ministry Door County Medical Center, recently travelled to Bomet, Kenya with his wife Carol to serve as a medical missionary.

Dr. Davis and Carol spent several weeks in Bomet, where Steve worked at the 300-bed hospital that draws from a population of 600,000.

Contrasted with Ministry Door County's draw from a population of 60,000, the hospital's size and scope was tremendous and the types of cases that Dr. Davis encountered there were different from his usual caseload in Door County.

"We saw a great number of high-level trauma cases," said Dr. Davis. "In Kenya, many people travel on small motorcycles, called piki-pikis. Often people will ride three, four and five to a cycle. The vast majority of what we saw in the orthopedic ward were traffic accidents." Dr. Davis credits his colleagues, other missionary doctors, as well as Kenyan nationals, for working through challenging circumstances to meet the needs of injured patients.

In Sturgeon Bay's orthopedic department, Dr. Davis and his colleagues Dan Tomaszewski, MD, and Jac Clement, PA, provide a wide range of services, including hip, knee and total joint replacement, and the treatment of arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow. "We treat patients of all ages, ranging from the young athlete who dislocates a shoulder, to an older patient in need of a hip replacement," said Dr. Davis.

Dr. Davis is an expert surgeon with a particular interest in rotator cuff surgery. "Rotator cuff repair is generally very helpful," he said. "The procedure helps eliminate pain and restores mobility."

As with every surgical procedure, the goal is to improve a patient's quality of life.

Happy to be home again, Dr. Davis is grateful that he and Carol's had the opportunity to experience serving in Kenya. "I am very humbled at the overwhelming need of that place, and also inspired by how gentle and kind the people were," he said. "An experience like that changes you, and we have been changed."


Ministry physicians reach out to community

With a strong commitment to community wellness, Ministry Door County Medical Center's doctors are practicing what they preach – and encouraging others to do the same.

Through innovative programs such as "Take a Walk and Call Me in the Morning," a series of physician-led hikes though local natural areas, healthcare providers are connecting with patients outside of the exam room.

"We know that healthy people are healthy because of their daily habits and activities. Our physicians want to be leaders in creating a healthier community before folks need to come see them for acute problems," says Kevin Grohskopf, Ministry's chief business development officer.

Recently, James Heise, MD, led a group of more than a dozen hikers through the Sturgeon Bay Canal Nature Preserve. "It was a beautiful day," says Dr. Heise, "and a great way to connect with the community while being active and enjoying the beauty of this place."

Physicians are also inviting community members to casual informational gatherings through Ministry's Living Room Series. At these evening workshops, doctors educate on topics as diverse as "Menopause Mania," "Parent Education for ADHD" and "Integrative Medicine." Workshops are limited to twenty participants and include a light meal.

"These gatherings give people a chance to discuss their needs and concerns, in an environment that is both educational and supportive," said Terry Lundahl, program coordinator.

Ministry is also leading the community by sponsoring several free concerts throughout the year. This past summer, hundreds of people enjoyed the Music in the Garden series in the Community's Garden in Sturgeon Bay.

Jac Clement, physician assistant at Ministry Door County, attended several of the concerts and spoke to the crowd about the connection between music and health. "Music is good therapy," said Clement, who also had a chance to play his ukulele as a warm-up for the main act. "Hearing live music brings people together. It gets people out in the community and it can change your whole attitude. I bring my family to these concerts whenever I can."

This winter, look for the "Music Heals" concert series to bring live music to the Door Community Auditorium, Third Avenue Playhouse, and Café Tlazo in Algoma.


Ministry makes a healthy impact on the Algoma community

Ministry Door County Medical Center is committed to the health and wellness of Door and Kewaunee counties, including the Algoma community. In the past two years, Ministry has led health initiatives for Algoma's adults and children through community events, school programs and employer-based wellness efforts.

"We've worked hard to partner with different sectors of the Algoma community to identify their needs," said Matt Luders, Ministry Door County's health and wellness executive, "and to meet those needs through our providers as well as outreach events. We're especially proud of our involvement with schools, youth and employers in the area."

Ministry's outreach to schools has included dispatching staff dieticians to help the Algoma School District revamp their lunch menus to meet healthier guidelines, launching a free Art for Health program for elementary students, and sponsoring a "Superswim" program that enabled Algoma children to learn to swim at the Door County YMCA over the December break.

"Superswim was a great opportunity for Algoma youth," said Luders. "They were bused to and from Algoma, received swim lessons, and were given a healthy lunch."

After identifying a need for quality after-school childcare, Ministry developed a new program for Algoma children through a partnership with the Algoma Public Library, the schools, and Algoma's Park and Recreation department.

Ministry Health Care's outreach also serves the working adults of Algoma, providing wellness programming for two of Algoma's largest employers – Algoma School District and Algoma Hardwoods. "Ministry came and reached out to us and offered to share their resources with us," says Marge Rodrian, a member of the Wellness Committee at Algoma Hardwoods.

In recent months, Ministry has helped employees focus on health goals such as lowering blood pressure and avoiding weight gain over the holidays, as well as providing a flu vaccine clinic. "Ministry is impacting the Algoma community in a positive way," said Rodrian. "They've been a terrific help to us."

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