Clinical Pastoral Education Student Becomes Eligible for Board Certification

A Clinical Pastoral Education student has completed her Fourth Unit of Ministry Health Care’s Clinical Pastoral Education Program.

By completing the four units, Deborah Van Swol is now eligible to become a board certified chaplain.

The mission of Ministry’s Clinical Pastoral Education program is to foster experience-based theological education which combines the practice of spiritual care with qualified peer group reflection. It prepares persons for specialized spiritual health care ministries, and enhances the many and varied community-based ministries of its students.

According to Michael Adamson, Ministry’s director of spiritual services, the program allows Ministry hospitals to strengthen the clinical skills of those providing spiritual care, thereby promoting excellence in practice to assure quality patient and family care.

As a part of the 17-week program, students spend up to 18 hours a week providing pastoral services in Ministry Health Care facilities, with assigned chaplains acting as mentors. During a weekly six-hour classroom portion, held at Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital in Weston, they meet with an Association of Clinical Pastoral Education supervisor to share and discuss their pastoral encounters.

"Chaplains bring the healing presence of Jesus to patients, family and staff,” said Adamson. “It is important for Ministry to provide that spiritual comfort when needed.”

Deborah Van Swol is currently a hospice chaplain for Dr. Kate Home Health Services, a member of Ministry Home Care, in Arbor Vitae. She also provides chaplain services for Howard Young Medical Center in Woodruff.

l to r: Deborah Van Swol, Diane Tugel, Clinical Pastoral Education Supervisor  

l to r: Deborah Van Swol, Diane Tugel, Clinical Pastoral Education Supervisor

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