Dale Zimmerman of Ministry Health Care Honored for Best Dialysis Abstract in Nursing

Dale Zimmerman, Ministry Health Care, Ministry Dialysis Services at Howard Young Medical Center, was honored at the 30th Annual Conference on Peritoneal Dialysis in Seattle this spring. His abstract, a summary of a five year study comparing patient outcomes associated with a conventional vs. a nonconventional style of peritoneal dialysis catheter, was selected for presentation at the conference, and additionally, was awarded as this year’s best nursing abstract.

In addition, Zimmerman’s manuscript, titled “Presternal Catheter Design - An Opportunity to Capitalize on Catheter Immobilization," expanded from his abstract, was accepted for publication in Advances in Peritoneal Dialysis. The manuscript was selected based on its originality and current interest of the topic. The article is expected to be published in this summer’s journal issue.

“Since January 2005 a similar number of the two catheter types were used in our center and the aim of this study was to compare key clinical results between the two catheter types since that time,” said Zimmerman. “Findings indicate that the nonconventional catheter type is associated with lower infection rates and may offer more opportunities for salvage should catheter complications occur.”

The annual conference is sponsored by the Missouri School of Medicine and the Missouri Sinclair School of Nursing.

“Not only was Dale’s abstract selected to be presented at this national conference, but it was further recognized for publication,” said Rebecca A. Morin, Vice President of Patient Care Services, Ministry Howard Young Health Care. “Ministry is so proud of Dale and his significant contributions to the field of peritoneal dialysis.”

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