Doctor with Local Ties Visits Howard Young Medical Center for Broadcast Surgery

On May 21, Dr. Scott Steele, a Minocqua native who attended West Point, graduated from UW Madison, and spent two months at Howard Young Medical Center as a senior student, visited Howard Young Medical Center (HYMC) for Visiting Professor Day.

Dr. Steele, Chief of Colorectal Surgery at Fort Lewis, Washington, moderated a live transmission of a laparoscopic colon resection performed by Dr.'s Barbara Boyer and James Offord of Marshfield Clinic, Minocqua, that was broadcast to 16 members of the Howard Young Medical Center Medical Staff.

“Genetics, life style and diet have increased the occurrence of problems with the colon (large intestine),” said Dr. Scott Steele. “Historically, any surgical procedure of the colon has required a large incision, a lengthy hospital stay, and increased recovery time.” Dr. Steele continued, “Advances in surgical equipment and approaches now allow the procedure to be done using a laparoscope through multiple small incisions with a lighted scope. Some, not all, of the conditions that might lend themselves to the laparoscopic approach include diverticulitis, bowel obstruction caused by foreign body or tumor and Crohn’s disease. Advantages to the patient include reduced pain, a reduced hospital stay, and earlier return to work.”

Funds for this educational opportunity were provided by an education grant from the Walter Olson Fund of the Howard Young Foundation. The Walter Olson Fund provides education for HYMC physicians and for other health care professionals of HYMC, as well as selected educational programs that benefit the overall quality of health care at HYMC. “Walter Olson’s gift has and continues to enhance the education and learning experiences of our local medical staff,” said Sheila Clough, President, Ministry Howard Young Health Care. “Having the expertise and experience of Dr. Steele on the Howard Young campus was truly valuable, and through the use of technology, this new surgical procedure was able to be shared with a number of medical providers that perform these services locally.”

If you would like more information, call the Marshfield Clinic General Surgery department at Howard Young Medical Center at 715-358-1221.

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