Elvis A. Peter, MD, Appointed to the Honorary Medical Staff

By unanimous vote, the medical staff of Howard Young Medical Center (HYMC), recently appointed Elvis A. Peter, Marshfield Clinic Internal Medicine/Hospitalist and Sleep Medicine Physician, to the Honorary Medical Staff. Membership on the Honorary Medical Staff is intended as a mechanism for honoring those outstanding individuals who the medical staff feel significantly contributed to the improvement, reputation or services of the hospital and/or medical staff.

Dr. Peter, a specialist in Internal Medicine and Sleep Medicine, has served on the Active Medical Staff at HYMC since 2002. Dr. Peter was instrumental in developing the hospitalist program along with the sleep study program at HYMC, and served in many leadership roles both at HYMC and the Marshfield Clinic Minocqua Center.

Sheila Clough, President of Ministry Howard Young Health Care, stated that Dr. Peter has been an outstanding mentor in our medical community during the past 7-1/2 years. “He has a reputation of providing excellent care and embraces his patients with sensitivity and understanding. He is extremely approachable and his sense of humor is wonderful. Always a strong patient advocate, Dr. Peter is most noted for his sense of duty, leadership and integrity.”

Dr. Peter continues his passion for medicine and leaves our community to pursue a cardiology fellowship at Louisiana State University in Shreveport, Louisiana.

The Lakeland community has truly been fortunate to have had Dr. Peter with his outstanding medical knowledge and clinical skills providing a service to our community members.

A bronze plaque, located in the Monticello entrance at HYMC, represents the entire Honorary Medical Staff and will include Dr. Peter’s name.

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