Future of Lakeland Memorial Hospital/Dr. Kate Building Announced

This past fall hospital administration held a number of focus groups for the purpose of obtaining input and guidance on a decision for the future of the Lakeland Memorial Hospital/Dr. Kate Convalescent Center building. The forums provided an opportunity for hospital administration to talk with community members about the need to make a decision relative to the vacant 1954 facility. The forums also provided an opportunity for community members to share thoughts, concerns and ideas that they wanted considered in the decision making process.

After thoughtful consideration and in response to the focus group participant’s input, the decision has been made to work with interested community members on creating a memorial to the Lakeland Memorial Hospital and Dr. Kate names and raze the 1954 structure at a date yet to be determined.

This decision was based on the hospital’s financial reality as well as respect for the hospital’s roots and first beginnings. The following summarizes the key factors that weighed into this decision:

  • Estimated costs associated with upgrading the original structure exceed $1 million dollars.
  • Annual heating and cooling costs for the 60,000 square foot facility range from $40 - $50 thousand annually.
  • The hospital does not have or anticipate a future service need for the building.
  • A need does exist for the use of the current space in relocation of the hospital’s helipad.
  • Community members understanding that the hospital must prioritize its financial resources.
  • Community members sincere concern that the original hospital name and Dr. Kate’s name be remembered.

Over the next several months, hospital administration will establish a task group to begin working on the memorial plans.

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