Howard Young Medical Center Announces Plans for Renovation and Construction

February 14, 2017

After almost a year of due diligence and thoughtful analysis, Howard Young Medical Center, part of Ascension, announced today it will embark on a multi-phased renovation and construction project. The first phase of renovation is expected to begin by June 1; additional details will be shared in the near future. This multi-million dollar investment reflects Ascension’s commitment to keeping care local and growing Howard Young Medical Center to meet the evolving needs of patients and the area communities.

"It has been recognized for some time that an investment is needed to ensure the hospital remains a viable choice for associates to work, clinicians to practice and patients to choose for their care,” said Debra Standridge, Ascension Wisconsin north region president. “Facility improvements are integral to ensuring the long-term sustainability of essential services for the community.”

Over the last nine months, hospital leaders have been working with architects and engineers as well as a team of Ascension design and construction professionals to thoughtfully develop a conceptual master facility plan for Howard Young Medical Center. The plan includes a combination of extensive renovation of existing space as well as new construction for hospital and ambulatory care services. The new space plan is designed to meet the present and future demand for the area’s health care needs and is based on extensive due diligence.

The Howard Young Medical Center renovation and construction plan will focus on:

Improving the patient experience;

Improving efficiency and functionality for patients and associates;

Addressing issues that are characteristic of older construction; and 

Reducing the cost of operations through more efficient buildings.

“Over the past few months, the facility planning process has included a number of steps necessary to understand current and forecasted service needs, projected demand for those needs and the infrastructure required to support the needs,” explained Sandy Anderson, president, Howard Young Medical Center. “A thorough assessment of the existing facility was conducted to understand the condition of the electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling infrastructure as well as ADA compliance.”

The Planning Team’s data-driven analysis focused on the current demand for services, projected how that demand may change in the future given current demographic trends and analyzed how effectively the current facility could meet those needs. The study resulted in a determination of the building area requirements to support the planned services and development of the conceptual facility plan.

"This hospital will meet the community’s needs now and into the future and is committed to keeping care local,” stated Anderson. 

The needs assessment and demand study focused on the following:

Inpatient medical-surgical and inpatient dialysis;

Inpatient intensive care;

Inpatient women’s health and birthing services;

Emergency and trauma care; 

Diagnostic and treatment space; and 

Infrastructure improvements.

Howard Young Medical Center’s Planning Team will continue engaging its medical staff, associates and the community, through its newly formed Patient and Family Advisory Council, to get guidance on how the specific details and decisions under consideration will impact work flow and the patient experience.

“Howard Young Medical Center has provided invaluable services to area residents and visitors for more than 70 years,” Standridge continued. “The hospital provides quality jobs for area residents - all dedicated physicians, associates and volunteers, who live, work and play locally – and we are committed to maintaining this commitment well into the future.”

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