Local organizations benefit as Ministry Health Care employees lose

Since March of 2008, Ministry Health Care employees have been encouraged to lead more healthy lifestyles through a number of initiatives, including Tangerine®, a corporate wellness program that rewards employees for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Each quarter, Ministry employees who have chosen to participate monitor their weight and BMI levels as teams. The top three teams are recognized with grants, which they in turn donate to local charities. So when Ministry employees lose big (weight, that is) local groups and organizations win.

In the most recent period, Ministry Eagle River Memorial Hospital (MERMH) and Howard Young Medical Center (HYMC) received grants for their weight loss achievements.

Of the funds MERMH and HYMC received for being the biggest of the big losers, they donated $500 to the Kalmar Senior Center in Eagle River and $500 to the Lakeland Senior Center in Woodruff.

“The employees at Ministry enjoy participating in the program, and in return, it benefits the organization by helping to create a healthier workforce, less absenteeism, reduced health care benefit costs, greater continuity of care as a result of less absenteeism, and improved patient care,” said Sheila Clough, President, Ministry Howard Young Health Care.

Since the inception of the corporate wellness program, Ministry employees have lost a total of 9,052 pounds and have shifted to much healthier BMI levels. When it all adds up, losers become winners and many local community organizations win big with the generous support of these Ministry Health Care teams.

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