New Procedure Monitor Enhances Capabilities of Howard Young CT Scanner

April 10, 2017

Radiologists at Howard Young Medical Center, part of Ascension have a new tool for performing Computed Tomography (CT) guided biopsies thanks to the generosity of the Howard Young Volunteers.

The volunteers recently donated $11,500 for the purchase of a procedure monitor for the SOMATOM® Definition Flash 128-Slice Dual-Source CT scanner, aka “the Flash,” that went online at Howard Young Medical Center last fall and delivers the best CT image quality currently available. 

“Having a procedure monitor available bedside allows for real time monitoring of needle position and ensures exact location of tissue needing biopsy,” said Lauralee Pierquet, manager of diagnostic imaging at Howard Young Medical Center. 

CT scans provide cross-sectional images, called slices, of internal anatomy, enabling clinicians to

make a diagnosis non-invasively. The higher the image quality of the CT exam, the more accurate

a radiologist can be in determining the cause of symptoms.  With its breakthrough dual-source technology and new solid-state detectors, the Flash CT delivers the best image quality currently available at class-leading X-ray doses.

“Due to this generous donation from the Howard Young volunteers, our patients will be able to have these services provided locally and will not have to travel to a different facility,” said Pierquet.

Using state-of-the-art technologies, diagnostic imaging services provides critical details to help physicians diagnose and treat many medical conditions. Diagnostic Imaging refers to the techniques and processes used to create images of the human body for clinical purposes to diagnose or examine diseases. 

In addition to CT scans, Howard Young‘s Diagnostic Imaging department offers a wide variety of services including 3D mammography, ultrasound, interventional and general diagnostic imaging.

Funds for items like the CT procedure monitor are raised through Volunteer fundraisers and services. This includes the LifeDirect service, and sales from the Gift Shop located inside the hospital.

For more information about volunteer opportunities and programs at Howard Young Medical Center, please contact Kathy Viergutz at 715.356.8677. 

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