Reverie Harp Benefits Patients at Howard Young Medical Center

March 15, 2017

The Spiritual Services staff at Howard Young Medical Center, part of Ascension has a new relaxation tool with the recent addition of a Reverie Harp.

Designed and invented by Musicmakers in Stillwater, Minnesota in collaboration with Australian music thanatologist Peter Roberts, the Reverie Harp is fast becoming a must-have tool for music therapists, visitation ministers and chaplains, activity directors, and care-givers.

By using the Reverie Harp, Howard Young’s chaplains are now able to provide musical prayers, meditations, and songs for patients and their families at the bedside or other areas of the facility.

“Anyone can play the harp, including our patients,” said Susan Leet, chaplain at Howard Young Medical Center. “They simply hold it, or place it on their laps, and strum along. The music is soothing, but so too are the reverberations the harp makes as the sound touches their very bodies and souls.”

The Reverie Harp was donated to the Spiritual Services Department by the Volunteers of Howard Young Medical Center. Funds are raised through fundraisers and services, including the LifeDirect service, and also sales from the Gift Shop located inside Howard Young Medical Center.

“This is another example of the dedicated efforts of our volunteers to support our facility and the many patients and families we serve,” said Leet.  “We are grateful for their continued support and look forward to sharing this instrument during our daily activities.”

Howard Young Medical Center’s Chaplains are present to patients, families, and associates on a daily basis to offer love, hope, respect and comfort to those who are seek care.  They respect all faith traditions and honor all spiritual needs.

For more information about the Volunteers of Howard Young Medical Center, or volunteer opportunities, please contact Kathy Viergutz at 715.356.8677.


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