The Brain Game expands to Howard Young Medical Center

(Woodruff, WI) – The Howard Young Medical Center (HYMC) Birthing Center received a delivery of a different kind recently, books from two area Rotary clubs. The Lakeland Rotary Club and the Minocqua Breakfast Club joined together to purchase The Brain Game, a book whose mission is to educate and encourage new parents to read to their newborns.

The Rotary clubs will provide approximately 300 books per year to the HYMC Birthing Center in Woodruff.  Each new mother at HYMC will receive The Brain Game.

On October 10, 2012 Tim Sanderson, president of the Lakeland Rotary Club and Erv Teichmiller, president of the Minocqua Breakfast Club delivered the first batch of books to the HYMC Birthing Center. Each Rotary club donated $1,500 to get the program started in Woodruff.

“One of the slogans for Rotary is Humanity in Motion and we feel this is a perfect example of humanity in motion,” stated Sanderson. “We feel that the book itself is very valuable and is a great tool for parents to use in interacting with their child and we want to help parents in this area in any way we can.”

“We know when children are stimulated in a variety of ways, music, sight experiences, games, signing to them, talking to them and reading to them, it has a huge impact on their brain development,” added Teichmiller. “The Brain Game helps a parent think about all of the options and alternatives that are available to stimulate their children’s development. I felt the project would be an excellent way for Rotary to reach out to young parents to help them understand the potential in their child, and how they might help that child reach its fullest potential. It’s an exciting book.”

Purchasing and distributing The Brain Game to hospitals is a district wide Rotary Club project. The district governor of Rotary encouraged the clubs to look at the program and the Lakeland Rotary clubs felt it was an excellent opportunity to work together on a community based project. “We’re pleased that we’re able to provide this opportunity to area parents with newborns at HYMC,” added Sanderson.

“We’re delighted the Rotary Clubs presented us with the opportunity to share The Brain Game with new parents in our community,” stated Sheila Clough, president, Ministry Howard Young Health Care. “Together we can hopefully inspire new parents to make a positive impact on the life of their newborn children.”

In 2011, 299 babies were delivered at Howard Young Medical Center.

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