Financial Assistance

Are you uninsured or have trouble paying for health care?

  • Did you lose a job that provided health insurance?
  • Do you have a serious medical condition or disability?
  • Are you looking for health insurance but unable to get it through your job?

Ministry Health Care understands your concerns. Working with local, state and national leaders, we advocate for solutions to cover the uninsured and underinsured.

In addition to our Financial Assistance Program, these resources provide helpful information:

It is the policy of Ministry Health Care and its affiliated entities to provide medically necessary health care services to people in the communities it serves, regardless of their ability to pay. Financial assistance is granted based upon the patient’s inability to pay and to individuals who are uninsured, underinsured or medically indigent. Financial assistance is not available for “non-medically necessary procedures.”

Financial assistance works in collaboration with other public and private financial assistance programs. This is to ensure holistic wellness of patients by facilitating knowledge of available services and programs for health, while practicing good stewardship of funds. Key criteria utilized to determine eligibility for financial assistance includes family size, federal poverty income guidelines and available assets.

In accordance with Ministry Health Care’s values, staff will treat patients and family members with compassion, dignity and respect at all times during the process. All patient and proprietary information is considered confidential and protected by law. Ministry Health Care will safeguard the privacy and security of patient protected health information. Access to patient and/or proprietary information is determined by a "need-to-know" and as minimum necessary to carry out duties or assignments. Ministry Health Care assures that services and programs are equally available to everyone; immigration status will not be reported to federal agencies.

Patients must complete an application form and supply all necessary information required to make a determination for financial assistance eligibility. The same application form will be utilized by all applicable Ministry Health Care organizations. The application form will be subject to periodic verification of the individual or family’s current financial status. If a patient believes a denial for financial assistance was made in error, the patient may appeal the decision in writing.

Applicant Responsibilities

It is an expectation that the patient/guarantor will cooperate and supply all necessary information required to make a determination for financial assistance eligibility (applications may be re-evaluated every six months).

No single organization can meet the needs of all patients who are unable to pay. Patients will be asked to pursue all other assistance options for which they may be eligible prior to their evaluation for financial assistance.

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