Quality and Patient Safety in Action at Ministry Health Care

At Ministry Health Care, we are committed to providing safe and high-quality care and services to our patients and their families. To support high quality and safe care, staff and providers at Ministry Health Care facilities do the following:

  • View quality and patient safety as their top priority
  • Keep patients and families informed by explaining care, treatment and services in an understandable fashion
  • Encourage questions and provide appropriate responses
  • Listen when patients/families voice concerns
  • Wash their hands (either with hand sanitizer or soap and water) prior to direct patient contact
  • Take other infection prevention measures established by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other nationally known organizations to minimize risk of infection
  • Verify patient’s identity (by checking armbands or asking patients to state name and date of birth)
  • For patients having surgery, confirm where (on what part of the body) the surgery is being done and verify the surgery site by marking it
  • Verify what medications patients are taking
  • Strive to ensure that regulatory requirements are met
  • Strive to prevent falls for patients who are hospitalized
  • Take every precaution to protect confidential health information



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To voice questions, concerns or complaints, please call the number for the appropriate facility.

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