Employment FAQ

 Why wasn't I considered or called for an interview for the position I applied for?
There could be multiple reasons why you were not considered for the position: your desired shift and FTE may not match what the position calls for, you may not meet the requirements of the position, or internal applicants are being considered to fill this position.
 I was not selected for an interview; can I apply for other positions?
Yes, if you were not selected for an interview for a particular position, you may apply for other positions.
 How long will it take to receive a response after I have applied?
If you provided a valid e-mail address, you should receive a response as soon as your application is reviewed.
 How will I be contacted if I am considered?
We will notify you via e-mail that you are being considered. If we are interested in interviewing you, we will contact you directly via telephone.
 Will I be contacted if I am not considered?
You will only be contacted directly by a Human Resource representative if there is an interest to interview you. Otherwise, you should receive a response via e-mail indicating that you have not been considered for the position(s).
 I did not see any openings for the position(s) I am interested in, should I apply anyway?
Yes, you may apply. Your application will be kept in our database for up to a year and you may be considered for future opportunities.
 What if a position is not posted?
If you do not see a position listed on the website, the position is not open and currently not being recruited for.
 If a position has been filled, why is it still posted?
A position will remain posted until the hiring process is complete and the candidate has successfully completed the post-offer process.
 What if I do not have a resume?
If you do not have a resume, you may still complete the application by completing the work history section.
 What information do I need before I begin the application?
You will need to know your work history, past employment dates, name of employer, telephone number, education history, and references including names, phone numbers, and relationship.
 How far back into my work history should I go?
You should provide as much detail about your work history as possible so that the Human Resource representative is better able to determine your qualifications for the position.
 What if I do not know the exact dates of my employment?
We expect you to provide the correct month and year of start dates and end dates of employment. If you do not know this information, please contact your prior employers to obtain this information before beginning the application process.
 How do I update my resume?
You can access your application and resume by logging in as a registered user with the same username and password you created with you originally applied.
 If I have already completed an application, do I need to complete another one to apply to another position?
There is no need to create multiple applications for other positions. Simply log in using your username and password to update your application and apply for additional positions.
 What happens to my application once I apply?
Once you apply, your application is sent directly to the Human Resource representative responsible for the position for which you applied.
 How accurate does my application need to be?
Answers need to be complete and truthful; any false statements or omissions concerning requested information will be a sufficient basis for denial of employment or summary dismissal after employment.
 Will any of my responses automatically disqualify me for employment?

A "no" answer to the following questions would constitute an immediate disqualification:

You will be required to submit to a caregiver background check and drug test. Are you willing to submit to a background check and drug test?

I have read and understand Ministry Health Cares Mission and Values Statement, and I understand I will be expected to adhere to these Mission and Values or be subject to termination and that I should not submit this application for employment if I feel I cannot or will not comply with the Mission and Values outlined here within.

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