Nurse Technician (Intern) Job Description

Title: Nurse Technician
(Student Nurse)

Responsible to: Nurse Director/Supervisor



The Nurse Technician is responsible for assisting in the delivery of both direct and indirect nursing care under the direction and supervision of a registered nurse.


  • To give the nursing student an opportunity to experience a realistic working environment.
  • To give the nursing student an opportunity to gain experience in an employment situation.
  • To provide insight into the practice of professional nursing.


  • Completion of two semesters of an ADN program.
  • Completion of junior year of a BSN program.


  • Nurse Technician will provide hospital with " Hospital's Skills Checklist" signed by nursing school instructor(s).


  • General Orientation
  • Unit Orientation
  • Ongoing orientation with Registered Nurse Partner.
  • Each student will complete a skills checklist and pass a Medication Test.


  • Temporary position – part-time or full-time. Summer Program 8 weeks. May continue to stay on as a Nurse Technician in a casual position during the school year.


  • May request observation time in areas of interest, i.e. Dialysis Unit, Surgery, or any unit to which the student is not assigned.(Will incorporate into regular scheduled hours.)
  • Attend inservice education programs.
  • Have access to library services.


Nurse Technician will work the same schedule as the Registered Nurse Partner. This may include:

  • Rotating shifts with the Registered Nurse Partner.
  • Floating to units with the Registered Nurse Partner as the need exists at the discretion of the Nurse Director/Supervisor.


  • Name Badges with title.
  • Nursing school uniform or accepted dress code.
  • White firm support shoes.

Duties and Responsibilities

Under the direction and supervision of a Registered Nurse Partner, the Nurse Technician:

  • Provides nursing care for patients' altered needs.
  • Assists with or performs nursing procedures at the discretion of the Registered Nurse Partner.

The Nurse Technician is not allowed to:

  • Administer medications independently.
  • Take physician orders.
  • Transcribe or check off orders.
  • Make admission assessments/discharge summaries.

Revised 5/05

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