Medical Student Loan Repayment Program

The Ministry Medical Group Medical Student Loan Repayment Program offers student financial aid up to $200,000 while enrolled in medical education programs. It requires students return to, and work as, a primary care provider in an assigned Wisconsin community in which Ministry Medical Group (MMG) has a facility (Amherst, Appleton, Chilton, Crandon, Eagle River, Greenville, Iola, Kaukauna, Kiel, Laona, Little Chute, Merrill, Neenah, New London, Oshkosh, Owen, Plover, Rhinelander, Rib Mountain, Stanley, Stevens Point, Thorp, Tomahawk, Waupaca, Weston or Woodruff). It also requires students to complete a Qualified Education Program (a course of study that prepares a student to become a licensed clinician in the state of Wisconsin).

Immediately upon completion of medical school, earning his/her degree, and completion of any internship or residency required for the student’s area of specialty, the student agrees to return to one of the MMG communities outlined prior and establish and maintain a practice for a period of not less than five (5) years.  The student further agrees to apply for and maintain membership on the medical staff of MMG during said five (5)-year period.

Primary care providers are the first point of consultation for all patients in a community. The following specialties are included in this program: family medicine, internal medicine, internal medicine/pediatrics and pediatrics.

Ministry Medical Group loan repayments will relieve some of the staggering debt burden many health professionals face, and provide them with the opportunity to practice medicine in the location and specialty of their choice.


Kelsey Stein (left) and Craig Destree (right) receive their loan payments from Brant Bergeron, Medical Education Program Manager, Ministry Health Care.  Kelsey will be joining Ministry in 2018, Craig will be joining Ministry in 2017.

Cole Marschke, right, is the first recipient of the Ministry Medical Student Loan.  He will be joining Ministry Health Care following the completion of his residency in 2016.

“The five year commitment following residency is a time for me to grow as a physician and welcome the mentoring of fellow clinicians. Ministry Health Care is a great place to do that. I look forward to being the next link in the chain in serving the health care needs of a Ministry community.” -Cole Marschke, inaugural recipient of the MMG Medical Student Loan

Jeff Clark, center, a Pediatrics resident in Madison, is joined by two of his three sons in receiving the latest installment of the loan program payment.  Jeff will be joining Ministry in 2017.
Gretchen Wagner, left, a Medical College of Wisconsin student and Katie Nonweiler, right, a family medicine resident at Columbia St. Mary’s in Milwaukee, receive the initial installment of the loan program payment. Gretchen will be joining Ministry in 2019 and Katie will join us in 2017.



Medical Student Loan Recipients

2010-Cole Marschke, Des Moines University
2011-Craig Destree, UW School of Medicine & Public Health
2012-Kelsey Stein, UW School of Medicine & Public Health
2012-Jeff Clark, UW School of Medicine & Public Health
2013-Christian Flanders, UW School of Medicine & Public Health
2013-Wes Fox, UW School of Medicine & Public Health
2014-Katherine Nonweiler, Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine
2014-Gretchen Wagner, Medical College of Wisconsin

"The money is incredible! To have the stability is so reassuring and knowing that I don't have to worry about interest on my loans and how we are going to pay it back takes a lot of pressure off what's already hard in medical school. It makes medical school more enjoyable." -Kelsey Stein, student loan recipient


The principle candidate should have the following qualifications:

  • Commitment to high quality care and the health of rural communities
  • Demonstrate Ministry Medical Group’s values and promise to patients
  • A demonstrated commitment to practice medicine in a rural setting to meet the community’s medical needs.
  • A strong desire to live a rural lifestyle and develop social ties within the community

Special consideration for students:

  • With ties to Ministry Health Care or who are employees of Ministry Health Care
  • Who have graduated from communities in which Ministry Health Care has facilities
    – Family members of physicians employed by Ministry organizations
    – Family members of physicians on the medical staff of Ministry organizations
    – Ministry organization “insiders” (officers or directors) and their family members

Application Process

  • The candidate is required to fill out the Ministry Health Care Medical Student Loan Application. The application includes personal, contact, and interest information about the student.
  • In addition to the application, the following submission requirements include:
    Personal statement (2 page limit)
    – Outline your interest in primary care
    – Outline your interest in practicing in a Ministry Medical Group rural service area
    – Outline your commitment to Ministry Medical Group employment after completion of training
    Minimum of 2 letters of recommendation

    – Undergraduate
    – Graduate Medical Education
    Test scores (if applicable)
    – MCAT
    – GRE

Selection and Interview Process

Ministry Medical Group Clinician Services will accept applications until March 1st of each year. Applications will be reviewed and finalists selected for interviews after June 1st of each year. Recommendations will be made to the Ministry Medical Group Board in July of each year.

The student(s) approved by the board will receive notification in writing by August 1st of each year which will include the applicable loan amount and information about the required documentation process.

Applicants not selected for participation in the loan program by the MMG Board will also be notified in writing. Any applicant not selected may reapply for participation in the loan program in a subsequent year.

Documentation and Disbursement

Following the selection and approval of student(s) for participation in the loan program, disbursement of the initial loan funds will be contingent upon MMG’s timely receipt of signed copies of the Medical Student Loan Program Agreement and Promissory Note.

Additional disbursements are contingent upon compliance with all of the other requirements set forth in the loan program policy and related documents.

Maximum loan disbursements a student may receive under the loan program:

Maximum Disbursement

  Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
$50,000 $50,000 $50,000 $50,000

Loan Forgiveness/Termination/Repayment

MMG shall forgive the student’s obligation to repay the loan over a five (5) year period, provided the student has continuously rendered the services contemplated in the agreement from the commencement date of these services through the end of the forgiveness period.  During the forgiveness period, MMG will forgive a pro-rata portion of the balance of the loan on the anniversary of the commencement date of services.  If, prior to the end of the forgiveness period, the Student ceases to provide the services contemplated under the agreement for any reason, or the unforgiven principal amount otherwise becomes due and payable as specified in the promissory note, the Student shall repay the unforgiven principal balance of the loan to MMG within thirty (30) days of the event which triggers the Student’s obligation.

MMG will terminate the Student’s participation in the loan program and suspend any future disbursements or forgiveness under the loan program and will require repayment of the unforgiven principal balance of the loan to MMG if any of the following occur:

  • Student does not satisfy each of the loan requirements referenced in the loan agreement, including the conditions of continuation;
  • Student fails to obtain or commence employment with MMG as required by the loan agreement;
  • Student fails to continuously provide the full-time primary care services contemplated under the loan agreement through the end of the forgiveness period; or
  • The unforgiven principal balance of the loan becomes due and payable as otherwise provided in the promissory note (e.g., due to student’s bankruptcy).

If the student’s repayment of the loan is required, MMG will promptly initiate efforts to pursue repayment of the loan and will consult with Ministry Health Care’s legal department to determine whether any additional steps are necessary to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, MMG will forgive the student’s obligation to repay the loan if the student dies.


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Medical Education Program Manager
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Cole Marshke and Craig Destree

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