Parenting in the First Years

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When a newborn baby arrives, parents need ongoing guidance from quality sources.

That’s why Door County Memorial Hospital (DCMH) has teamed with the University of Wisconsin-Extension to offer new parents free newsletter subscriptions to Parenting the First Year (a monthly publication) and Parenting the Second and Third Years (a bi-monthly newsletter).

New moms learn about the UW-Extension newsletters during their stay in the birthing center.

“The hospital has been a great partner and promoter of this project. It’s very important to provide new parents with information about their baby’s development and to encourage parent participation,” said Pam Peterson, family living educator at Door County UW-Extension.

Each edition has information geared to what parents can expect at each stage of their child’s development. For example, articles in Parenting the First Year address topics such as “How the baby is changing” and “Build your child’s self-esteem.” Sample stories in Parenting the Second and Third Years include “Regular check-ups are important” and “Homemade toys that teach.”

The eight-page newsletters, available in English and Spanish, are prepared by UW-Extension and sent to DCMH, which pays for all mailing costs.

Peterson said a recent readership study suggests that parents are reading and benefiting from the information. About 75% of those surveyed said it is more useful than other resources, while 60% called it the most useful information outside of their doctor and nurse. Approximately 54% said they read all the articles, and 68% said they pass their copy along to someone, such as a grandparent.

“We want our kids to be happy and healthy, and all of this advance information gives parents a head start,” Peterson said. “It is huge that the hospital supports this.”

About 250 babies are born at the DCMH birthing center each year.

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