Lifestyle interventions matter

2009 Fiscal Year

Flambeau Hospital and the Price County Nutrition Coalition recently piloted a pre-diabetes program that was awarded funding by the Wisconsin Office of Rural Health.

The program, Lifestyle Interventions Matter (Project LIM), was designed for people diagnosed with pre-diabetes. An estimated 6.7% of the Price County population has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes; an equal number has pre-diabetes. The American Diabetes Association estimates that 54 million people in the United States have pre-diabetes.

“As we continue to treat patients first in all we do, the aspect of prevention, as we’ve seen with this pre-diabetes program, can significantly reduce a person’s chance of developing diabetes,” said David Grundstrom, CAO, Flambeau Hospital. “Proper nutrition and physical activity are paramount.”

The grant focused on helping people make lifestyle interventions that could reduce their risk of developing diabetes. Pre-diabetes usually occurs in people with a family history of diabetes, and can be triggered by a sedentary lifestyle or being overweight. An estimated 70% of individuals with pre-diabetes will go on to develop Type 2 diabetes.

The coalition encouraged individuals with pre-diabetes to enroll in a fun, action-packed series of 12 sessions designed to arm participants with tools to eat healthier and promote movement and exercise. Each session included a nutrition or activity component taught by a physical or occupational therapist.

Several of the nutrition segments included discussions about natural foods, marinating, healthy baking, and the use of special and unusual fruits, grains and beans. Physical activities included the use of therabands, physioballs, and home gym equipment, as well as walking, stretching, strengthening, toning and conditioning.

The pilot program also included an individual nutrition consult with a registered dietician, two fasting glucose levels, 12 nutrition or activity sessions and surprise incentives. There was no program fee for the participants.

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