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“On September 22, 2006, I lost someone I loved with all my heart. The world I knew abruptly fell apart - I was confused, stressed, and angry. Now, I know this was normal.

“My husband Erlan and I were very close friends, and we loved each other tremendously. After experiencing complications due to a stroke, Erlan lived his remaining weeks in our home with the care of hospice.

“I attended grief classes soon after Erlan passed away – the Journey of Life class is offered twice a year by Ministry Home Care. It was not an easy task, but I’m so glad I did it. The staff was tremendous in pulling out my feelings and letting me express myself.

“I am so thankful for family, friends, my faith, hospice, and all their loving care.

“These days, one of my six grandchildren, 11-year old Jared, and I, attend Good Grief together. It is a program hosted by Ministry Home Care in which children can express their feelings and find comfort, and their adult family members can get support too. Jared was very close to his Grandpa. He loves the staff. I know the leaders have touched his heart, and the ongoing support is so good for both him and me.”

All hospice agencies with Ministry Home Care provide professional grief support to anyone in the community, regardless of their involvement with hospice care prior to the death of their loved one. Hospice families are provided grief support for at least 13 months following the death, with phone calls, visits, mailings, and support groups – helping them through all those painful firsts without that important person in their life – the first holidays, the first birthday, and the first anniversary of the death. Support groups, remembrance events, and educational offerings are open to the public, and provided free of charge as part of Ministry’s commitment to our mission.

During the past year, more than 4,400 people across 29 Wisconsin counties benefited from these grief support services.

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