It takes a village

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It Takes a Village

Randi Danner, volunteer coordinator for Ministry Home Care, and her community outreach team, came up with the concept of "It Takes a Village," a free workshop for their community in April 2009.

Wisconsin Rapids took this model and created an "It Takes a Village" event in Oct. 2010. As a result of Randi and the community outreach team’s leadership and development of this model, another community benefited from the free workshop to empower their community.

In our increasingly complex world, caring individuals and communities can make an important impact by reaching out to guide and support those facing health care crises. Working together and understanding the many resources available can empower us to help our family, friends and neighbors remain at home as long as possible. It takes a village, but together we can do it.

We commend this group for its leadership and hard work so that other agencies in Ministry Home Care can benefit. The workshop includes various speakers and vendors offering valuable information. Randi was always willing to answer questions as we proceeded with the timeline of the event. We are excited about offering this workshop to our community residents and we thank you for making our task easier with such an excellent model.

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