Mandy's story

Financial Review

After Mandy’s partner had beaten her physically with a solid piece of wood, he took Mandy’s clothes away, so she would not leave when he ran an errand. But, she did run -- to a neighbor’s house -- and called the police.

An advocate met Mandy at the emergency room. After Mandy was examined, the advocate accompanied her to a safe shelter with a prescription for pain medication and a referral to a surgeon; the abusive partner had broken her shoulder. Mandy was in an extreme amount of pain, but was unable to fill her prescription because she had no insurance and no money.

Through grant money provided by Saint Clare’s Foundation, Mandy was able to fill the prescription.

The surgeon said Mandy needed surgery as soon as possible, because of the damage to her shoulder. Prior to the surgery, she was told she needed to be fitted for a sling that she would use after the surgery, and that she would have to prepay for the appointment and the post-surgery supplies. Mandy then talked with the advocate and said she was not going to have the surgery because she could not afford it. She knew there would be permanent damage to her shoulder if she did not go through with the surgery, but she needed to work and find an apartment.

With the money provided by Saint Clare’s Foundation, Mandy’s appointment and the other supplies that she needed were paid so she could have her surgery. Following the surgery and recovery period, Mandy was able to secure a job she loved and find an apartment where she felt safe.

She said she does not know what she would have done without the shelter and the money to help pay for her supplies. Though what her abuser did to her was horrible, Mandy said she has never felt better or stronger.

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