Marshfield Home Delivered Meals

The Home Delivered Meals outreach program of Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital and the Marshfield United Way has been serving the Marshfield community since 1986. The program provides hot nutritious meals for all diets, served seven days a week (including holidays). Meals are delivered by community volunteers directly to the homes/apartments of the program participants.

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Who provides the service?

Meals are prepared by Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital under the supervision of a registered dietitian. Each meal includes meat, potato or substitute, vegetable or salad, dessert, bread, butter and milk. Meals are packed in thermally insulated trays. Bag lunches are also available upon request. At the present time the program serves approximately 100 meals per day.

Who is eligible?

Any adult resident of Wood or Marathon County who lives within or near the city limits of Marshfield and meets the criteria is eligible to receive home delivered meal services:

  • Individuals unable to prepare his/her own meals because of illness, infirmity, disability, or handicap
  • Individuals unable to do his/her own shopping
  • Individuals who have no one else to perform these duties for them
  • All income levels - sometimes partially or fully funded based on financial need
  • All ages

Who pays for the service?

The recipient pays a set fee for each meal and is billed after the month of service. Financial assistance is available for low income participants and could be partially or fully funded based on need.

Who delivers the meals?

Volunteer drivers are at the heart of this community service. Without their assistance, the program would not exist. Drivers pick up meal trays at 11 a.m. each day at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital and deliver them to homes and apartments throughout the city. Volunteers make a short visit and report any concerns back to the program coordinator. This contact is an essential part of our meal delivery service. A short welcoming visit can be just as important as a nutritious meal to the homebound individuals we serve.


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