Headline: The “A’s” lead it for 2012 Ministry Health Care baby names

It was everything from A (Aalia) to Z (Zoey) in 2012 when it came to names of babies born at Ministry Health Care hospitals. But at the end of the year, the “As” had it. Aiden (spelled several ways) for boys and Ava and Addison for girls, proved to be the most popular names.

Also proving fashionable were Emma, Abigail and Sophie/Sophia for girls, and Luke/Leukus/Lucas/Lukas, and Mason for boys. Mason and Lilly took top honors in 2011.

According to Kristin Glass, a RN on the Birth Center, the vast majority of parents have names chosen for their babies before they are born, or have it narrowed down to 2 or three. If not, the Center has a wide array of “baby name” books that they can peruse.  Some parents choose the first name of a close relative or friend for the baby’s middle name, and then choose a first name to fit with it.

“We also have parents who choose a celebrity’s or athlete’s name, or a name they like from a movie or television show,” Glass said.  “One set of parents even gave their son the middle name of ‘Sodapop’ after the name of Rob Lowe’s character in the 1980s movie ‘The Outsiders.’”

A highlight in 2012 at Saint Clare’s Hospital in Weston this year was Aeryn Clay (after Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews), who was born December 12, at 12:52 p.m.

And, of course, there are many ways to spell names. Besides Aiden, Aden, Adyan, Aidan, and Aidyn, consider Cadin, Kaden, Caden, Kaiden, Kayden and Cayden; Madailein, Madalynn, Madilyn and Madelyn; and Braelyn, Braelynn, Brailyn and Brailynn.

For parents who are adamant on one name, boy or girl, there were many masculine/feminine variations. These included Andrew/Andrea, Christopher/Christine, Daniel/Danielle, Madden/Madilyn; Jack/Jacqueline, Kyler/Kylee, Riley/Rylee, Gabriel/Gabrielle, Samuel/Samantha, Michael/Mikayla, Oliver/Olivia and Erik/Erica, to name a few.

“Religious” names, always popular, included Thomas, Matthew, Luke, John, Andrew and Peter (apostles); Isaac, Isaiah, Noah, Jacob, Jeremiah, Judah, Joshua, Genesis and Christian, as well as Faith, Hope, Grace, Serenity and Trinity.

And do you think Merlin will be a magician, Bentley and Porscha sell cars, Honor and Justice run for the supreme court, Ryder and Colt are cowboys, Remington, Hunter and Archer become big game guides, Jet and Jetta learn to fly, Lyric writes songs, Campbell loves soups, Ace works at a casino, Solomon is wise, Harley rides a motorcycle, and Chase and Marshall catch criminals?

Flower girls were Daisy, Jasmine, Primrose, Lily, Rose and Dahlia, with other “natural” children named Aurora, Falcon, Byrdie, Brooke, Wynter, Reed, Ridge, Autumn, Star, Sunshine, Ember, River, Camilla, Sage, Willow, Wild and Nova, not to mention Gemma, Jade, Pearl and Ruby.

Planning a “Journee?” Maybe Hudson, Asia, Jersey, Sidney, Brooklyn, Madison, Santiago, Charlotte, Sheyenne, Dallas, London, “Berlynn,”  or Joplin would be good destinations.

Lastly, some of the more unique and/or ethnic names included Onikah, Boycee, Ever, Menorah,  Princeyimlino, Anakin, Arjun, Boaz, Ori, Taaha, Saba Noor, Xochitl and Yamilex.

Ministry Hospitals represented were Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital, Marshfield; Ministry Saint Michael’s Hospital, Stevens Point; Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital, Weston; Ministry Saint Mary’s Hospital, Rhinelander; and Howard Young Medical Center, Woodruff.


Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital:  512 males     415 females
Boys’ names:  Ethan
                          Landon/Landyn and Jaden/Jadyn/Jayden
Girls’ names:   Ava
                          Sophia/Sophie, Zoe/Zoey and Natalie/Nathalie

Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital:  330 males   312 females
Boys’ names: Mason
Girls’ names:  Emma

Ministry Saint Michael’s Hospital:   271 boys    215 girls
Boys’ names:  Adam/Adem
Girls’ names:  Abigail/Abigaile

Ministry Saint Mary’s Hospital:  180 males    169 females
Boys’ names:  Isaac and Mason
                          Joshua and Wyatt
Girls’ names:  Addison, Addisyn, Adisyn

Howard Young Medical Center:  159 males   132 females
Boys’ names:   Noah and Luke
                           Caleb and Connor
Girls’ names:  Olivia
                          Grace and Ava

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