Ministry Health Care Announces New Courier Services Transportation Service

WAUSAU, WI--Ministry Health Care has announced the creation of a consolidated intra-facility courier service and the selection of a supplier to operate the new service starting in mid-June.

Through a competitive bidding process, Ministry selected Straight Shot Express of Marshfield, WI as the contractor for this service.  Straight Shot Express is a subsidiary of Applefox, Ltd.  The company’s Marshfield, WI office will manage the operation.  The firm specializes in courier/transport services and employs 80 people. It already provides a similar but more limited service to some of the Ministry sites.

The move is designed to bring significant benefits including:

  • Enhanced efficiencies and improved financial performance gained through economies of scale
  • Improved service management and risk mitigation under the direction of a professional courier service business
  • Improved intra-facility connectivity allowing for the effective and efficient transport and sharing of supplies, equipment and intra-organizational mail
  • Allowing us to focus on core business of providing patient care Allowing us to use capital funds for core business needs

Currently seven courier routes exist between selected Ministry operations in central and northern Wisconsin. The new service will create a singular combined route that will connect all operations on a regular schedule.

The timetable for implementation calls for the new contracted service to be in place by the middle of June. 


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