Ministry Health Care Baby Names and Facts From 2011

So you’re having a baby! One of the more pleasant aspects of pregnancy is choosing that perfect name for the little one.

At Ministry Health Care hospitals, those perfect names in 2011 ranged from the traditional to the more unique. Some, of course, were more popular than others. Coming out number one were Mason for boys and various forms of Lilly (Lily, Lillian, Lillianna, Lilyanna) for girls.

Other fashionable girls’ names last year in their alternate spellings were Sophia, Brooklynn, Ava, Abby/Abigail and Isabelle/Isabella. For boys, they were Jack/Jackson/Jaxon, Wyatt, Liam, Gavin, and Bentley.

Forms of Jackson and Olivia were most popular in 2010, and Connor and Madalyn in 2009.

According to Kelly Phillippi, a RN on the Birth Center of Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital for 16 years, most parents have at least some idea of what they want to name their new bundle of joy, but sometimes want to see the new arrival first to determine if the name ”fits.”

“It runs the gamut from family names to those picked out of a baby book,” said Phillippi. “Some name the baby after a celebrity and others simply make one up. And we see a lot of different spellings and variations of the same name.”

More of those include Caden/Kaden/Kaiden/Kayden, Tristan/Tristin/Trystan, Madalynn/Madalynne/Madelyn/Madelynn/Madilene, Alli/Allie/Allison, Ava/Avalee/Avary/Aveline, Emilee/Emily/Emma, and Kaitlyn/Kate/Katelyn/Katie/Katherine/Kathryn.

Names that could have been based on both the old and new testaments of the Christian Bible continue to be favorites. In 2011 these included Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Adam, Eve, Abel, Peter, Thomas, Matthew, Luke, Andrew and John, Elizabeth, Sarah, Jacob, Ezekiel, Elijah, Gabriel, Angel, Noah, Isaiah, Isaac and Ismel. There were also Faith, Hope, Grace, Justice, Cristian, Trinity, Temperance and Destany.

Back to nature children were Lily, Coral, Eagle, Drake, Holly, Poppy, Lilac, Rose, Jasmin, Brooke, Saige, Rosemary, Ivy, Stone, Jay, Ember, Rocky, Briny and Deepna, not to mention Winter, Autumn, August and Tomorrow. And then there were the real gems, Ruby, Jade, Amber, Tierra and Tiffany.

One also wonders if, many years from now, couples getting together would be Alexander and Alexandrea, Andrew and Andi, Angel and Angelica, Caden and Cadence, Daniel and Danielle, Eli and Ella, Grabriel and Garbiella, Jayden and Jade, Kyler and Kylee, Raymond and Raeya, Sydney and Sidney and Charles and Charleigh. Or maybe they would be Charles and Diana, William and Kate, Michael and Molly or Adam and Eve.

And, do you think Ryder will be a cowboy, Gunnar will join the Marines, Jett learns to fly, Hunter and Scout become big game guides with Remington as a customer and Tanner processing the hides, Marshall is a cop, Luckie wins the lottery, Ivan is terrible, Chase is a bounty hunter, Lexus sells cars or Melody writes songs?

Finally, some of the more unique and/or ethnic names of 2011 included Rollin Thunder, D-Dragon, Castiel, Cesc, Atari, Khando, Mug, Fabrizio, Gautham, Seanathon and Sethrobin for males and Nizhode, Beshaaguzhigookewe, Hadassah, Ever, Lux, Pelilah, and Traimetrias.

Ministry Health Care Hospitals represented were Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital, Marshfield; Ministry Saint Michael’s Hospital, Stevens Point; Ministry Saint Claire’s Hospital, Weston; Ministry St. Mary’s Hospital, Rhinelander; and Howard Young Medical Center, Woodruff.

A baby was born at Ministry Eagle River Memorial Hospital last year. It was the first time in four years a baby was delivered at the hospital.


Howard Young Medical Center: 166 Males 133 Females

Boys’ names: Gavin, Grayson, William, Connor

Girls’ names: Isabelle, MacKenzie, Sophia, Ava

Ministry Saint Mary’s Hospital: 177 Males 172 Females

Boys’ names: Andrew, Hunter, Joshua, Logan

Girls’ names: Chloe, Hailee/Hailey/Hallie/Haylee, Isabella/Isabelle, Skye/Skylar/Skyanna

Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital: 514 Males 499 Females

Boys’ names: Mason, Jackson/Jack/Jaxon/Jaxson, Bentley/Liam and Wyatt/Wyat (tie)

Girls’ names: Lilly/Lily/Lillian/Lillianna/Lilyanna, Brooke/Brooklyn/Brooklynn, Abby/Abigail

Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital: 345 Males 335 Females

Boys’ names: Mason/Mayson, Jacob/Jakob, Logan, Riley

Girls’ names: Madalyn/Maddie/Madelaine/Madelene/Madelyn/Madelynn, Evelyn/Evelynn,Emma,Lydia

Ministry Saint Michael’s Hospital: 252 Males 256 Females

Boys’ names: Jackson/Jaxson/Jaxon, Aiden, Caden/Caeden/Caiden, Levi

Girls’ names: Addison/Addisyn, Ava, Avery/Averey,Elizabeth

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