Ministry Hospitals List Top Baby Names of 2010

It was names starting with everything from A (Aaliyah) to Z (Zyer) and every letter of the alphabet in between when it came to naming babies born in 2010 on the Birth Centers of Ministry Health Care hospitals.

Some, however, were more fashionable than others. For boys, the most popular (in order) were Jackson/Jaxen/Jaxson/Jaxon, Landen/Landon/Landyn, and Connor/Konnor/Conor. For girls, they were (in order) Olivia/Olyvia, Ella/Elliana/Ellie/Eillieanna and Madalyn/Madeline/Madelyn/Madilynn/Madelynn/Madilyn.

The names Madalyn and Connor were also among the top three in 2009, although not first. In 2008, the most chosen names were Ava and Ethan.

Religious names, or names of Christian saints, as in past years, remained favorites. Among them were apostles Luke, Matthew, Andrew, John, James, Simon and Thomas; and saints Theresa, Elizabeth, Anthony, Aaron, Christopher, Charles, Damien, Domonic, Michael, Nicholas and Paul. Names from the Bible included Isaac, Jacob, Naomi, Noah, Nehemia, Elijah, Job, Saul, Sarah, and Gabriel. There were also Emanuel, Trinity, Angel, and even Christian, not to mention Faith, Hope and Charity.

Searching for a vacation spot? Look no further than Brooklyn, Colby, Georgia, Madison, Austin, Dakota, Dayton, Orlando, Hudson, Phoenix, Jersey, Trenton or Charlotte. If you really want to put on the "Myles," opt for Asia, Victoria or Sydney.

Flower children were Violet, Daisy, Lilly and Rose, joined by other nature kids, Forest, Sunny, Meadow, Savannah, Jazmine, Brooke, Basil, Ravyn, Willow, Sequoia, Ivy, Holly, Ocean and River. And, there also were Autumn, August and June.

Of course, there also were masculine and feminine versions of names. One wonders if these babies will get together: Alexander and Alexa, Angel and Angela, Brian and Brianna, Bristol and Bristal, George and Georgia, Grayson and Gracy, Kyle and Kylie, Michael and Michelle, Oliver and Olivia, Peyton and Payton, Ray and Raylyn, Riley and Rylee, Samuel and Samantha and Tegan and Teaghan. Or, maybe it will be Adam and Eve, Charles and Diana, George and Gracie, Joseph and Mary or Romeo and Juliet.

And, just for fun, maybe Gemma, Ruby, Ivory, Jade, Sterling and Amber will own a jewelry store; Kennedy, Carter, Grant, Reagan, Jackson and Truman run for president; Drew grows up to be an artist; Piper goes into plumbing; Steel and Mason build skyscrapers; Stetson and Colt will ride the range; Tanner, Taylor and Armani design clothing; Ledger and Kash are bankers; Gunnar, Remington, Hunter and Archer join Whitetails Unlimited; Trucker, Ryder and Bentley sell vehicles; Marshall enters law enforcement; Jett is a pilot; Solomon is wise; Alexander is great; and Chase becomes a bounty hunter.

Last but not least, some of the more distinguished names for boys included Arturo, Bebokewe, Cheveyo, Dax, Daelyn, Faarzil, Huzaifa, Nived, Maksym, Takoda, Perellie, Yandel, Roe, Rhiot and Taavi. For girls, they included Jazzabell, Pacyn, Memingwa, Miikawaadiziii, Esme, Itzel, Lurex, Ximena, Haileet, Anoushka and Zipporah.


Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital, Marshfield: 516 males 512 females

Boys’ names:

Mason and Ayden/Adyn/Aidan/Aiden both 13

Jacob/Jakob; Isaac/Izaac/Izik 9

John/Johnny/Johnathan/Jonathan/Jonathon 9

Girls’ names:

Ella/Ellie/Elliana 14

Emma/Emmy/Emmalina/Emmaline/Emmalynn 14

Lillian/Lilian/Lillianna/Lillie/Lilly 11

Sophia/Sofia/Sophie 10


Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital, Weston: 350 males 351 females

Boys’ names:

Eli/Elias/Elijah/Ely 9

Jackson/Jaxen/Jaxson 8

Landen/Landon/Landyn and Connor/Konnor both 6

Girls’ names:

Madalyn/Madeline/Madelyn/Madilynn and Olivia/Olyvia both 9

Ava/Avah/Ayva and Lilian/Liliann both 7


Ministry Saint Michael’s Hospital, Stevens Point: 261 males 272 females

Boys’ names:

Logan, Owen, Mason and Tyler (tied)


Aidan, Carter, Jacob and Landen (tied)

Girls’ names:

Ava, Emma and Hailey (tied)

Aubrey Emily and Nevaeh (tied)

Addison, Elizabeth, Lilah, Natalie, Samantha and Madison (tied)


Ministry Sacred Heart/Saint Mary’s Hospital, Tomahawk/Rhinelander: 203 males 196 females

Boys’ names:

Aiden/Aidan/Ayden 11

Mason 7

Brayden 6

Logan 5

Girls’ names:

Alexandra/Alexa 4

Abigail, Ava and Hailey, each 3


Howard Young Medical Center, Woodruff: 203 males 196 females

Boys’ names:

Connor, Carter, Collin, Brody and Jackson/Jaxon, each 4

Girls’ names:

Cheyenne and Addison/Addyson and Trinity, each 4

Isabela and Olivia, each 3


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