Students Begin Ministry Health Care Sponsored Pastoral Training Program

Ministry Health Care is pleased to welcome four Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) students to its latest program unit.

As a part of the 17-week program, students are required to complete 300 hours of clinical training by providing pastoral services primarily in Ministry Health Care facilities, with assigned chaplains acting as mentors.

The program also features 100 hours of classroom training held at Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital in Weston, where they meet with an Association of Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE) supervisor to share and discuss their pastoral encounters.

ACPE is an experience-based theological training for pastors, seminarians and chaplains to improve their skills with patients, families and staff. They attend a structured, rigorous program with a certified supervisor that involves reflection and inquiry on their work, themselves, and their openness to gaining new skills.

“Our program became accredited a year ago and continues to grow to meet the needs of our system and beyond,” said Sue Kruger, Chaplain at Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center and program coordinator. “We have hired more than a dozen full or part time chaplains since it started in 2010, this session we are welcoming out first student from outside the Ministry system.”

The CPE students and facilities where they will complete their clinical training include:

Marion Arndt of Eagle River, Ministry Health Care’s Howard Young Medical Center, Woodruff
Heather Bogacz of Pulaski, St. Mary’s Hospital, Green Bay.
Dennis Fahey of Plover, Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital, Marshfield
Missy Holdorf of Merrill, Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital, Weston

Ministry offers two quarters of CPE training each year. If you would like to learn more about clinical pastoral education, please contact Sue Kruger at 715.539.2187, or

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