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Gina’s Story

Feet energetically move around the kitchen as she begins to prepare a fresh salad full of garbanzo beans, feta and avocado. Exercise and eating clean is her top priority. Her name is Gina and she gave birth, naturally, to her son Chael.

Always prioritizing taking good care of her body, Gina values a healthy lifestyle. As her due date approached, Gina preferred to not be induced if she could safely wait. At a routine checkup toward the end of her pregnancy, her nurse, Diana, took Gina’s levels, performed the fetal monitoring, and spent an additional hour and a half answering questions. Gina was grateful for Diana’s undivided attention and even more grateful she respected her wishes to wait.

Gina carried her son to a healthy full term, and two weeks after her due date went to Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital in Weston. Although induced, the staff did everything possible to follow Gina’s birth plan. After 5 hours of labor, Chael was born. Gina stayed in the hospital for two days after the delivery and recalls feeling like a queen.

Today, Gina’s top priority is Chael, but eating clean hasn’t taken a backseat. Gina plans to prepare organic baby food for Chael, feeding him only the freshest, cleanest foods. In the meantime, she is happily nursing Chael and has discovered being a mom comes naturally.

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