Help for Jackie’s Haitian relief effort

Jackie and Dr. Wright’s story

A doctor looks on intently as a woman proudly displays pictures of the Haitian children she has helped. She turns the page and he sees a photo of her standing with them, everyone beaming with smiles. This woman’s name is Jackie Bushong-Martin, and her vaccinations allow her to help children in need.

Since 1995 Jackie has been involved in Haitian relief efforts, visiting the country and raising money. Seeing the difficult living conditions and lack of educational opportunities the Haitian children were faced with, Jackie decided to take her fundraising efforts to the next level.

Teaming up with Haitian locals, Jackie organized and built an orphanage to house more than 100 homeless Haitian children followed by a school for the children. Her latest effort is a school uniform sewing project that provides the children with clothes to wear to school each day.

Throughout her efforts, Jackie has relied on her personal physician, William Wright, MD, at Ministry Medical Group in Rhinelander to get her the vaccinations needed to travel to Haiti to do her work. She puts a great deal of faith in Dr. Wright’s knowledge of the latest vaccines and precautionary measures it takes to make the trips. She also lauds Dr. Wright and his office for going above and beyond to help raise funds for her humanitarian projects.

So now, as Dr. Wright looks over Jackie’s shoulder, marveling at the work she has done. He remembers her first visit and the conviction she had that day. Dr. Wright has always felt a sense of pride about the people he helps, and today he has a few extra to be proud of.

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