Physical therapist & boys = winning team

Catie, Jordan and Jared’s Story

A woman sits and talks with her young patients about the latest sports news. With seemingly endless energy, these twin boys discuss their favorite teams and share stories of athletes they idolize. These boys are named Jordan and Jared, and they’ve overcome a great deal with the help of physical therapy.

Jordan and Jared both have a form of cerebral palsy and were brought to Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital in Marshfield at a young age for physical therapy. It was here they first met Catie. Not only was she was their physical therapist; she was also their biggest fan.

Treatment included botox injections, multiple surgeries and special orthotics to help the boys walk. With Catie’s support and fun-loving approach, the boys looked forward to going to physical therapy. Sports and games were incorporated into exercises meant to improve Jordan and Jared’s quality of life.

Catie worked with Jordan and Jared for years, listening to their stories, playing sports with them and eventually helped them grow strong enough to minimize the amount of therapy needed.

So even though Catie sits and talks to Jared and Jordan about professional athletes and their incredible fetes, her mind is on something much more remarkable – the incredible fetes these two boys have overcome. And it is being a part of this team that brings her the most joy.

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