A boy ahead of his time

Jasen, Liz, and Linda’s story

A young boy stands on the field, a soccer ball at his feet, ready to make the kick. This boy’s name is Jasen, and ten years ago he fought for his life.

Jasen was born at 23 ½ weeks, nearly four months premature and weighing only one pound, seven ounces. His mother Liz was flown via helicopter to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital where, according to Liz, the staff moved quickly and confidently, always letting her know what to expect next.

For the next three months Jasen and Liz spent their time in the NICU, with Jasen on a ventilator to treat his collapsed lung. During that time, Liz was amazed by the level of personal attention given to Jasen. In her words, “the nurses treated each baby like it was their own, dressing them and giving them personal care.” These personal touches extended to Liz as well, allowing her bonding time to stay with Jasen and to change him whenever possible.

During her time at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s, Liz made a special connection with Linda, one of Jasen’s nurses. Linda talked with Liz every day, updating her on Jasen’s progress and continually reassuring her. The two developed a bond that extended beyond the hospital, and they remain close friends to this day.

As a friend of the family Linda has been lucky enough to watch Jasen’s progress through the years. Despite the challenges he has faced, Jasen is now an active ten year old, busy in sports, music, and school.

So now, as Linda stands on the sidelines waiting for that kick, watching this boy who has come so far, she sees more than just a patient. She sees a person – just as she did from day one.

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