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Mike and Michael’s story

A man hands out muffins in the lobby of a hospital, laughing and talking. Upon his head is a baseball cap emblazoned with the name “Miracle Mike.” This man’s name is Mike Jelinek, and not long ago, he nearly lost his life.

Mike talked about the day he was rushed to Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital and says he can remember very little beyond feeling chest pain at the end of the workday. During the ambulance ride, Mike went into cardiac arrest and was given CPR and defibrillator shocks.

Upon his arrival, attempts to resuscitate Mike went on for more than 40 minutes. As medical staff began discussion of terminating resuscitation attempts, Mike finally began to show a pulse and was rushed to the cardiac catheterization room. Once there, he was given artery stents by members of the Marshfield Clinic/Ministry Health Care heart care team, and induced hypothermia to lessen the risk of brain damage.

After 24 hours of induced hypothermia, Mike was eased back into consciousness. After 11 days in the hospital he was discharged with no neurological defects. He was able to return to work just three months later.

During Mike’s time in the hospital, Ministry Medical Group’s Michael Clark, MD; and the Ministry Saint Clare’s staff and members of the heart team kept Bonnie Jelinek, Mike’s wife, informed every step of the way. The staff got to know Mike through he and his wife and affectionately began to call him “Miracle Mike.”

So now, as Dr. Clark gladly accepts a muffin from Mike and his wife, he is able to smile. Because Dr. Clark is grateful not only for gift of this homemade muffin, he is grateful for the gift of life.

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