For cancer survivor, Advantage: Life

Dr. Cattau and Carol’s story

A doctor listens closely as a woman describes the close tennis match she recently had. Though she talks of the match being just among friends, her story is nonetheless engaging. This woman’s name is Carol Pederson, and she was treated for cancer.

Carol was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2010 after a routine mammogram. She had an ultrasound on a Tuesday, found out the cancer was malignant the following day, and a day later she had a lumpectomy. She then underwent radiation.

Carol says she was overwhelmed by David Cattau, MD, and the staff at Ministry Saint Mary’s Hospital James Beck Cancer Center. She can’t say enough about the care, respect and kindness she has been shown during her experience.

So as Dr. Cattau listens intently to Carol talk about her tennis match he is more than a little delighted. And what captivates him is not just the story she tells, but by the fact that she is still here to tell it.

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