A great call

Chase and Dr. Moore’s Story

A boy watches intently as an remote control car zooms past, hugging the corner of the track with deft precision. With tiny movements on his controller he guides the car to the front of the pack. This boy’s name is Chase, and his doctor helps him stay on top of his diabetes.

Chase has always had a good relationship with Dr. Moore at Ministry Medical Group in Crandon. His mom Angela, says Dr. Moore has a way with kids, making them feel at ease, and Chase is no exception. In 2012 Dr. Moore helped diagnose Chase with Type 1 diabetes, referring him to a specialist who put him on an insulin regimen and a special diet. Angela was particularly touched when she got a personal call from Dr. Moore checking in to make sure Chase was doing all right. Dr. Moore still sees Chase for regular checkups and helps him keep tabs on his health.

Today, standing near the track, Chase is as healthy as any 8-year-old boy. And Dr. Moore is doing her part to make sure it stays that way.

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