ATV mishap; trauma care; survival

James and Dr. Iskander’s story

A doctor looks on as a man flips through the nature photographs he has taken. He shows a sense of pride in his work, pointing out each detail as he describes them. This man’s name is James Welch, and not long ago, he nearly lost his life.

James says his first memory of the day of his ATV accident was waking up lying in the middle of the trail. At first, he says, he didn’t think he was hurt that bad. In fact, James had a ruptured spleen, six broken ribs, a concussion, a broken scapula, and multiple internal injuries.

With the help of Gaby Iskander, MD, a Marshfield Clinic trauma surgeon on staff at Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital, James received emergency treatment for his injuries and is back to living a normal life. He says that the staff were superb professionals and caring people. Their skill not only saved his life, but also made him feel at ease during a very frightening ordeal.

So as Dr. Iskander sees his patient appreciating these beautiful pictures in front of him, he is reminded again of the bigger picture. And after all that James has been through, it’s as beautiful as any picture can get.

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