All the world's a stage

Dr. Tvedten and Jerry’s Story

A man looks out at a crowd lingering on his every word. His every move is illuminated by a spotlight following him across a stage. This man is Jerry Shidell and he’s only now getting back to his love for acting.

Jerry is a jack of all trades. He has started several businesses and currently owns a home remodeling company. And then there are his hobbies, which include acting with the local theater troupe in Rhinelander and traveling with his wife Julie.

Several years ago, Jerry started to notice pain in his knees. The simple act of standing became impossible, which put the kibosh on acting and made working on his housing projects difficult. In fact, knee pain made everything difficult.

Considered a healthy adult, Jerry was surprised to find that both knees needed replacing. After meeting with a handful of doctors, he was introduced to Dr. Daniel Tvedten, a surgeon at Ministry’s Northland Orthopedic and Sports Medicine. Dr. Tvedten replaced Jerry’s left knee in January 2010. Three months later, his right knee was replaced.

Today, Jerry is back to the grind – both in business and fun. Last fall, he traveled to Chicago with Julie and walked the Magnificent Mile and Navy Pier. Four years ago, that wouldn’t have been possible.

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