A perfect start

Julia and Jenny’s story

A woman stands over a boy, ready to cut his hair as he sits patiently waiting for his trim. She smiles as she works, thinking of the day her own son will be old enough to sit her chair. This woman’s name is Julia Salzman and she is a proud mom.

Julia remembers spending those first days in the hospital with her son Jordy.  She was committed to breastfeeding and wanted to do everything she could to make sure it went smoothly. Julia was grateful for the help of Jenny Statz, a lactation consultant at Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital’s Family Birth Center, who came in to consult with her and give her tips and techniques to get her started on the right foot. Julia remembers really appreciating Jenny’s advice, but more than that, she remembers appreciating her support. So as Julia stands and takes care of another client, she can’t help but think of her own boy and those first special days together. For Julia it wasn’t just the beginning of a life, it was also the beginning of a friendship.


Learn more about the Family Birth Center at Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital in Weston.

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