A profile in courage

Jordan’s Story

A boy runs across the playground, sprinting from one activity to the next, beaming with excitement. His mom watches on, straining to keep up with his boundless energy. This boy’s name is Jordan, and he survived a horrific car accident.

It was March 23, 2013. Jordan was involved in a serious car accident and was airlifted to Ministry Saint Joseph’s Children’s Hospital in Marshfield with numerous injuries to his brain and body. Immediately he was given emergency reconstructive brain surgery. Jordan was then treated for a host of other injuries including a partially collapsed lung, fractured collarbone and rib, blindness in one eye, and deafness in one ear. He spent two weeks in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and was then transferred to the Pediatric Unit.

Over the course of two months Jordan worked with several therapists specializing in Neurology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, as well as Child Life Specialists, who worked to prepare Jordan for procedures and help him through his care. Throughout the process, Jordan remained upbeat and energetic, working hard toward recovery. His mother Natalie speaks extremely fondly of the care he received from day one, particularly the support staff who helped Jordan get back to being a kid again.

And today, as Jordan makes his way across the playground, he is surrounded by the smiles and laughter you’d expect to see in any group of kids. But there’s one smile that shines brighter than any of the others, and that’s Natalie’s. Because Jordan isn’t just any little boy – he’s the same little boy she’s always called her own.

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