A seasonal escape

Ted and Dr. Sheth's story

A doctor asks his patient casually about the upcoming vacation season. The man responds excitedly about the resort he owns and what preparations are being made. This man’s name is Ted Ritter, and until recently, he suffered from seasonal allergies.

His entire life, Ted has had environmental allergies, affecting his quality of life. He has tried many different treatments over the years, but has had very little success. Finally, he went to visit Dr. Sheth who tested him for environmental sensitivities and suggested Ted try allergy injections.

After beginning a program of shots, Ted says he noticed almost instant relief. He went from a program of two shots weekly down to just two shots each month. Now Ted says almost all of his symptoms have disappeared, even when he is out working at his Northwoods resort.

So when Dr. Sheth brings up vacation season, Ted has reason to be happy; because now the visitors who come to his resort are not the only ones who’ve found a wonderful escape.

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