Better sleep; better performance

Kerry and Joe’s story

A man stands at the top of the slope, surveying the turns below. It is a cool crisp day, and he is ready for a good run. This man’s name is Kerry Hanson, and not long ago he found a way to sleep again.

For some time, Kerry was having trouble getting a good night's sleep, so at the suggestion of his primary care provider, Kerry went to the Howard Young Medical Center’s sleep lab. There he worked with Joe Macdonald, a polysomnography technologist, to improve his sleep. Kerry was uneasy and nervous about the idea of spending the night at a clinic knowing someone would be watching him sleep.

Joe took the time to get to know Kerry and to give detailed explanation of what Kerry could expect, answer Kerry’s questions and to make him comfortable. Kerry was diagnosed with sleep apnea and now uses a c-pap machine. Ministry Home Care personnel worked with Kerry in his home to teach him how to use the device.

Now, as Kerry stands at the top of the slope about to plunge downward, there is a glint in his eye, because for this run he’s feeling sharp. This is the one he saw in his dreams.

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