A whole new woman.

Holly’s story

The cast is key. Dropping that line in just the right spot, at just the right depth is the first thing Holly concentrates on when she’s looking to catch the big one. Holly loves spending time at her favorite fishing spot, especially when she can get everything set just right. It was no different the day she went for her annual appointment and Dr. Koeppl wanted to make sure everything was just right with Holly.

Holly remembers Dr. Koeppl noticing a bulging during her annual exam, after which she was referred to the Women’s Health Department and Dr. Pollnow at Ministry Medical Group in Rhinelander.

Dr. Pollnow immediately put Holly at ease, assuring her that what she was experiencing was a common occurrence following a hysterectomy. They then discussed surgery options and set up an appointment.

Holly had surgery three days later and stayed in the hospital for just two days. She says she had some discomfort, but no serious pain and is now fully recovered and feeling great. She says she was very impressed with the thorough and respectful approach the whole staff took during the entire process.

Since the surgery Holly is active and feeling as great as ever. For Holly, there’s always been a certain peace of mind that comes from getting out by the lake, rod in hand and tackle box at the ready. And after her experience with the staff at Ministry, she can definitely say the same about her medical care.

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