Healthy horizons after weight loss

Gary's story

A man sits overlooking his yard. It’s mid-summer and the grass is looking as green as ever. This man’s name is Gary McDonald, and a couple of years ago he lost over 150 pounds.

In 2009, Gary McDonald had a 49” waist, was over 350 pounds, and extremely unhappy with his unhealthy body. He contacted the weight management program at Ministry Saint Michael’s in Stevens Point. After many consultation meetings with a Ministry Medical Group surgeon and his team, including psychological and physical tests, and rigorous insurance checks, it was determined that Gary qualified for gastric bypass surgery.

Gary had the gastric bypass procedure performed in December of 2009. After the surgery, Gary attended classes focused on healthy eating, improving exercise habits, as well as additional psychological support groups.

Gary credits his success to his doctor's holistic approach, teaching that after the surgery, one must keep with a healthy routine, eating well and exercising frequently. Gary continues to attend monthly support groups, and has made many referrals to his doctor's team.

And as he looks over the landscape he has groomed to perfection, he is thankful for the yard he has gained, and even more thankful for the burden he has lost.

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