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Kelly’s story

A woman looks across the net, ready to serve the next ball. The game is on the line, but she feels confident. After all, this isn’t her first time in a tight volleyball game. This woman’s name is Kelly Ziegelbauer, and not long ago she delivered a healthy baby boy.

The day Kelly went into labor she initially thought her water had broken early that morning and decided to go to Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital during her lunch hour. She discovered that her water had not broken, but that she was in the early stages of labor. Around 8 p.m. that evening she could feel the contractions fairly regularly, and at 10:45 her water did finally break. Initially it seemed Kelly would have plenty of time for an epidural, but she progressed so quickly, the nursing staff had to react quickly to get her set to deliver.

Ultimately Kelly delivered without complications and soon had a healthy baby boy whom she named Ryan. She talks about the nursing staff with great enthusiasm along with the facilities at the Family Birth Center.
So now that she’s back on the court, ready to help her team put the game away, Kelly can look back on her experience with a bit of perspective. The staff who helped her that day weren’t just caring for a patient, they were helping bring new life into the world.

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