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Laura’s story

At the very top of a mountain a woman gazes out at the snow-covered landscape. She takes a deep breath in and begins her journey downhill smiling bigger and bigger as she picks up speed. Her name is Laura and she recently gave birth to twins.

After months of preparation Laura woke up at 1:45 am on her husband’s birthday with an early surprise. A brief walk across the street, and she was checked in to Ministry Saint Michael’s Hospital in Stevens Point. At 8:23 am Laura gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Samuel. After discovering that the second baby was feet first, it was necessary to transition to a C-section delivery. The providers quickly moved into action and healthy baby girl named Adeline was born 23 minutes later.

Laura was amazed by how quickly the team transitioned from natural birth to C-section. Although a scary circumstance for a new mom, Laura felt completely taken care of and supported by the Ministry team. She recalls how in sync everyone was with what was going on and how kind they were throughout the process.

Because Adeline’s weight dropped, the doctors recommended Laura and the twins stay for seven days. Laura was so impressed with the helpful staff, especially Lora, the lactation consultant. When she returned home the nurses even went out of their way to make house visits to check on the twin’s weight.
As a passionate skier for the past 35 years, Laura plans to follow her parents’ footsteps and teach the twins how to ski once they turn 3. Soon enough the twins will be practicing their skills on fresh Colorado powder, but the best way to start is with baby steps.

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