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Kayla’s story

A woman stands at the finish line, catching her breath at the end of a marathon. To her, the exhaustion feels great because she is back to doing what she loves. This woman’s name is Kayla Glenn and recently she gave birth to a baby boy.
Kayla remembers the day she had Sawyer. He was a breach baby so Kayla was scheduled for a C-section. She recalls the huge snow storm and the fact that it was leap day. She also remembers how smoothly things went.
What really stood out to Kayla was the staff at Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital in Weston. She says she felt extremely prepared going into the surgery, and that the staff couldn’t have been nicer. Of particular note was the anesthesiologist who kept things humorous and light. Kayla says her treatment made her experience all the more memorable.

And today as she stands at the end of another long run, she thinks back to the birth of her son, and forward to the day he can run next to her. For Kayla it’s always been about where she finishes, but in the case of her son, she’s also pretty glad he got a great start.

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