Back pain gone; flowers back in bloom

Dr. Holt and Vicky’s story

A doctor gets advice from a woman about growing beautiful flowers. The woman smiles and reveals some of her own personal gardening secrets. This woman’s name is Vicky Emetti, and she no longer suffers from back pain.

Vicky is an avid gardener. She loves nothing more than planting flowers in a rich bed of soil and then watching them grow. But years of chronic back pain resulting from scoliosis began keeping her from doing what she loves.

Vicky went to see Ryan Holt, MD, at Ministry’s Howard Young Medical Center in Woodruff, who treated her using radio frequency lesioning and suggested a number of helpful exercises. To Vicky’s amazement, the back pain she had suffered with for more than 20 years was now gone. She thanks Dr. Holt for his positive attitude and for giving her back her first full night’s sleep in 10 years.

And as Dr. Holt listens to Vicky talk about how beautiful her flowers are this year, he is nearly as happy as she is. Not only does Vicky have her garden back, she has her life back, and both are looking pretty beautiful about now.

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